U.S. Weekly Oil Report to be Delayed Again by “Hardware Failure”

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By Barani Krishnan

Investing.com — The weekly U.S. oil inventory report that’s closely followed by global energy markets will be delayed for a second straight week by hardware failure in the Energy Information Administration’s processing systems, the agency said on Monday.

The EIA said it discovered on June 17 a voltage irregularity that led to hardware failures on two of its main processing servers, delaying the report due on June 22.

“Unfortunately, it continues to affect our ability to release data this week,” the agency said in a statement, referring to the release slated for June 29.

The EIA said it has replaced the affected hardware and was in the process of transferring data from its back-up systems to new servers.

“Once the data transfer is complete, we will perform quality checks to ensure data integrity before releasing any reports and associated data,” the agency said.

“We will continue to provide timely updates as we bring our systems back online and will share a schedule for our product releases as soon as possible,” the EIA added. “Because we have been able to collect data throughout the outage and subsequent restoration, we will release the data that was scheduled for publication last week.”

U.S. Weekly Oil Report to be Delayed Again by “Hardware Failure”

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