Why is the S&P 500 Hitting Record Highs as Inflation Rears Its Ugly Head?



How Will Big Stimulus Spending Affect the Market?

Subway is using a new contract for franchisees…and none of them are happy about it. In the contract, the company can take control of a store if they close more than 1 day a year. This means they would have to remain open during snowstorms or even terrorist attacks…

Harry Potter fans got some fun news last week. Tom Felton, who played Harry’s nemesis Draco Malfoy, ran into his fictional son at a random movie theater. The kid who played his son is now making his own films…

When Netflix introduces a new movie, you really never know if you’ll be getting a masterpiece or snoozefest. And while Awake doesn’t seem like a snoozefest (especially given the title), it isn’t hitting masterpiece level either. What are reviewers saying about the film?



Inflation is Getting Hotter and Hotter – But the Market is Nearing Record Highs


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Why Does Someone Keep Calling the Cops to J Lo’s House with False Complaints?

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